Get on-demand access to the highest quality of geospatial intelligence analysis, without the overhead of maintaining a team of in-house analysts or investing in expensive software and training-intensive toolsets. Bring us your business/intelligence questions and we’ll have one of our highly experienced analysts use cutting edge tools and techniques to analyze and interpret current and historical satellite imagery. Your custom-developed intelligence report will reveal events and activities within the imagery, giving you the insight and situational awareness you need to make critical decisions.

  • Video Analytics

    • Facial Detection / Recognition
    • License Plate Recognition
    • 3D Model Generation
  • Image Analysis

    • Change Detection
    • Military Assessment
    • Troop Activity
    • Humanitarian/Environmental/Civil Crises
    • Battle Damage Assessment
    • Disaster Response
    • Infrastructure Vulnerabilities
  • 3D Surface Analysis 

    • Flood Analysis
    • Mobility Analysis
    • Viewshed Analysis
    • Route Planning/Optimization


Have the confidence to make critical decisions based on the valuable and actionable insights that GeoNeo’s master trainers are uniquely qualified to deliver based on years of experience gathering and exploiting data for the military, intelligence community, defense, and tech industries.

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