We provide the highest quality of GEOINT (geospatial-intelligence) analysis as an out-sourced supplement to your in-house team or as an alternative to maintaining an in-house team of analysts.  Simply bring us your business/intelligence questions, and our team of highly-experienced analysts will use cutting-edge commercial data, tools and techniques to get the answers you need. 

Our expertise includes: electro-optical (EO) imagery, complex sythentic aperture radar (SAR) data, hyperspectral and multispectral (HSI/MSI) data, full motion video, LiDAR, and more.  Your custom-developed intelligence report will reveal events and activities within the data, giving you the insight and awareness you need to make critical decisions quickly.

  • Image/SAR Analytics

    • Change Detection
    • Activity Assessment
    • Equipment Identification
    • Human Activity Monitoring
    • Humanitarian/Environmental/Civil Crises
    • Damage Assessment
    • Disaster Response and Planning
    • Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

  • Video Analytics

    • Facial Detection / Recognition
    • License Plate Recognition
    • 3D Building Model Generation

  • 3D Surface Analytics 

    • Flood Analysis
    • Mobility Analysis
    • 3D Viewshed Analysis
    • Route Planning/Optimization